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Mr. Aditya Begampure established the A B Design studio in the year 2001 with a vision of providing customized architectural and interior designs solutions to their clients. Based in Kolhapur India this upcoming architecture and interior design firm have paved the way for itself in a record time of its inception.

Aditya Begampure’s vision has culminated in a firm that has dealt with a strong work portfolio dealing in architecture and interiors of a variety of clients. Whether it is the interiors of homes or that of offices or hospitality ventures the result of each effort is beyond comparison. It is our expertise which has led to them receiving various excellence awards from reputed organizations.

ABDS has an unique style of designing which involves the use of local materials and ideas blending with a contemporary style of execution. The focus is on providing personal service that indulges in optimum utilization of the resources available. It is this professional approach that converts into the form of solutions that always lead to customers being satisfied. All the hospitality-based projects are conceived keeping the latest fashion, design and lifestyle trends in mind. Our vast clientele thus includes reputed names like Menon Bearings groups, Chitale Dairy group, LMC group, Sai service Pvt. Ltd, Krystal group and Dharti ceramics group.

Participated in ‘iconic Satara’ a national level architectural design competition for the proposed administrative building of Satara Nagar Parishad.

Participated in the Archdias design competition. The House.

Participated in eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

Architectural & Interior Designer

Ar. Aditya Begampure

Architect Aditya Begampure

Ar. Aditya Begampure

A person with a vision to achieve something different is how one can define Architect Aditya Begampure. He set up his dream company A B design studio to provide the clients with a one-stop-shop to tackle all their architecture and interior design requirements. His expertise and experience in the last 19 years have translated into the creation of various portfolios of work.

The number of awards bagged by his company clearly proves that his efforts are recognized not only in India but by the organizations worldwide. The fact that all his solutions are aimed at utilizing the resources in the most optimum manner makes him a person with high repute. His creative flair is put to great use in all the projects he has conceptualized and executed till now. This is regardless of whether his client was looking for home ideas or something to make his office look graceful. Architect Aditya Begampure believes that his responsibility is not only towards the clients but to the other people also. That is why he creates holistic solutions that are in sync with the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. He has until now utilized his visionary plans to create something worthwhile and plans to keep doing so in the future.

Achievements Of Organization ‘A B Design Studio’

Awards & Recognition

Gaba Award Dubai
GABA (Global Architect & Builder Awards) 2020. Dubai
- Won : Best Interior Designer
- Residential
National Quality Excellence Awards 2019
National Quality Excellence Awards 2019
- Won : Best Architectural Firm in Maharashtra
Excellence Award 2018
Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards 2018
- Won : Top Architecture Firm, Kolhapur
- Category : Corporate And Commercial
A I Digest Award
A & I Digest Awards 2016
- Won : Citation
- Excellence In Designing Weekend Homes
Our Team

Our Best Experts

Mr. Gautam Katti Manager

Mr. Gautam Katti

Manager - 11 Years Experience
Interior Designer Kranti Dhalgade - Interior Designer

Id Kranti Dhalgade

Interior Designer - 07 Years Experience
Interior Designer Apurva Malpekar - Interior Designer

Id Apurva Malpekar

Interior Designer - 04 Years Experience
Ar. Sourabh Powar

Ar. Sourabh Powar

Architect - 02 Years Experience
Ar. Payal Kinkar

Ar. Payal Kinkar

Architect - 01 Year Experience
Interior Designer Arpita Mhaskar - Interior Designer

Id. Arpita Mhaskar

Interior Designer - 01 Year Experience
Mr. Akshay Powar

Mr. Akshay Powar



A B Design studio believes that our surroundings greatly decide what the quality of our lives is going to be like. This is irrespective of whether you are in a home or in your professional space. Apart from that we also acknowledge that the needs of people of all contexts govern the style of architecture that should be planned. This philosophy is therefore utilized at all stages of creating a building from the start to the finish.

Being in the professional space for so long we intend to not only satisfy our clients but think about the impact on the public and other people involved. Our client relationships have therefore been governed with the desire to optimize the utilization of resources of cost and time. Most importantly we have the flair to implement creative solutions and that is what matters the most. We believe in conceptualizing excellent designs and have the vision and capability to achieve the same.

Architect Aditya Begampure








Architectural, Interior and Landscape Designer

Services We Offers

Architect Interior Designer Kolhapur

An architectural firm with a difference in our team is reputed and trusted for its design-based solutions. Our primary expertise lies in constructing designs and buildings that are creative and target the use of all resources efficiently.

Architect Interior Designer Kolhapur

Delving into the interior design segment we have produced home ideas that make an impact. At A.B. Design studio the concept of interior designing is not just about decorating your walls. The whole idea is to present a masterpiece of art that you would love to show off for years to come.

Architect Interior Designer Kolhapur

The garden of your home is the first impression you give to others. Naturally, the landscape needs to be done such that others are left astounded. We at A.B. design studio executes landscape ideas that are in accordance with what would look good with your home décor plan.

Creativity, Technology, Innovation & Efficient Service

Why Choose Us?


Striving for 19 years we have created quality-based solutions. The assurance of having a trusted leader at the helm leads us to provide you with the best results in any of the categories mentioned. Not to mention that the reputation of the team has been unblemished so far thanks to the level of quality work provided so far.

Superior Quality

Quality assurance is what makes a team successful in its work. We understand the same and thus the work you get from us matches to the international standards set. As per the rules and regulations regarding the materials used, we take care of each aspect so that the service you receive from us is commendable.

Reputed & Dependable

Not everyone can claim of being trusted by most companies and homeowners alike. The team at A.B. Design studio can as it knows where and how the problems in any project can arise. Thus, even if there is any exigency, we are prepared to handle it well.

Satisfied Clients

Client satisfaction is our utmost priority and this reflects in the reviews and testimonials we receive from them. We alter our work as per their requirement and make sure that there is no kind of scope of discontentment. This leads to a list of clients who would be more than happy to vouch for us.

Design Skill

The expertise that we have translates into the form of design skill that is exemplary. You may check our past projects to see what kind of work we have delivered and would continue to work upon. This detail to design means that the ideas you get from us are contemporary and imaginative.

Wide range of Projects

Our expertise is such that we do not have to limit ourselves in any form. Thus, we have handled multiple types of projects like home, office, colleges, hotels, weekend homes and likes. This means that whatever your requirement we would be able to provide a worthwhile solution to the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are the architects in Kolhapur different from the general contractors?

    The architects in Kolhapur are more professional than general contractors. They are imaginative and can convert your home into a heaven just by the kind of vision you give. On the other hand, general contractors do everything as per their convenience and do not deliver exceptional results.

  • Do I need to appoint an architect or a contractor for my house?

    It is always advisable to go for an architect as they have a wider range of expertise in comparison to a general contractor. This means that while the contractor would only do the basic stuff the architect would add his experience in making it more gorgeous and exceptional.

  • Can you design environmental-friendly architecture?

    Obviously, the need in present times is to create homes that use resources in the best possible manner. Thus, we also strive to do so and if you need an environment-friendly home, we would be more than eager to help you.

  • Can you provide only architecture or Interior design consultation services?

    We deal with architecture, Interior design, and landscaping services as well. But our approach is very holistic and we could achieve more than any of the other firms altogether.

  • How much time do you require to complete a project?

    The time we take would be dependent on the type of expectations you have from us. Whatever it is we would communicate to you at the time of acceptance of the project. As a reputed firm, we make sure to adhere to deadlines and never falter on the same.

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